50 Minute Musicals with 12 Original Songs linked to the History Curriculum

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We set up Educational Musicals as we want children to feel part of history and

are confident that, when they take part in a historical play with music, which

they can’t help singing to, they will learn their history by default.

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I purchased your musical “1066” and excellent it is! I have performed three of your musicals –“ Trojan Horse”, “Battle of Britain” and “Trafalgar – Nelson’s Finest Hour”.

KS2 Co-ordinator, Nunnery Wood Primary School

“Parents were weeping at the end as whilst the company sang The Ship of Dreams, photographs of the victims were projected.  To prevent applause immediately after the ending of the song, which somehow seemed inappropriate, the final slide was of a small child which cross-faded into a black slide bearing the word ‘Silence . . . ‘.  After 15 or 20 seconds, the full lights came up and the cast enjoyed the applause.  It was very poignant.” NeilGardnerBramcoteJuniorSchool

The “Dream Catcher” is fantastic. Even the boys are loving it. Thank you so much.

Court de Wyck Primary School, Bristol

Many thanks for your good wishes for our “Trojan Horse” performance at the end of last term. All went off brilliantly – the children and audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves! We are all looking forward to another extravaganza next summer! Thank you to all your team for providing such an excellent resource.

Shirley Vickery-Mills       St. Josephs School Burnham-on -Sea

The benefit of our musicals to you are that they cover five sections of the Curriculum in one go:




Art and Design


To which must be added the enormous benefits your children will get from being on stage, where by default they develop skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives:

Team work


Music and Drama are the two best ways to help your children learn and develop without the realising it.

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