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Cartoon - TonyChief Executive

We are still trying to figure out what he does!

You may find out before us, as he is the one who usually answers the phone. We think this shows that he is not as busy as the rest of us!



AnitaEditorial Director

Her job is getting your orders out within 7 days while running the office, and usually taking your ‘phone call. At the same time she is our Editorial Director who attempts to correct the spelling and grammar of our talented authors and composers!

She is also our resident poet for authors who find rhyming difficult!


AnthonyArtistic Director

Don’t blame us, it was his idea! Not only that, it is he who decides which shows we publish, making certain they meet his special formula. He also creates our unique art packs, and then tests them on us!

Anthony has a Diploma in General Art & Design, a certificate in Theatrical and TV Make-up and a B.A. Hons in Theatre Studies from “The Central School of Speech & Drama” in London.

Has appeared in fifty amateur and professional productions, including “The Country Wife”, “Oliver”, “Little Shop Of Horrors”, and “A Midsummer Nights Dream”. He was Press Officer for the “String O’ Pearls Revue Company” touring “1939 & All That” and Vice Chairperson of Nuneaton Arts Centre (1993-1995).

In 1992 Anthony devised the “Creaturama” concept. “Creaturama Universe” a touring exhibition of his alien models and costumes, and “Creaturama Workshops”, which have now visited over four hundred schools across the country.

He added “Creaturama Dinosaur” a touring exhibition, which in June 1999 broke all attendance records at Coventry’s Museum & Art Gallery, and “Creaturama Legends” another exhibition based on Myths and Legends.

The success of “Creaturama” has lead to regular appearances on BBC TV’s “Blue Peter”.

Recently Anthony has worked for the BBC as a Vision Designer, on shows such as “Blue Peter”, “Noel’s Telly Addicts”, “Style Challenge” and “Out of Hours”. Also on ITV’s first Christmas Pantomime “Jack & The Beanstalk” recorded at The Old Vic Theatre in London.

He has performed in and written several shows including “A Grin Without A Cat” based on the extraordinary life of writer Lewis Carroll.

Email anthony@creaturama.com

Web Site: www.creaturama.com