Meet the Puncs


Education policy promotes punctuation as an essential element in teaching literacy (under the guidelines contained in the National Literacy Strategy).



The Puncs are a range of characters designed to promote and emphasise the meaning and usage of different punctuation marks.

Meet Alec Apostrophe, Colin Comma, Ethel Exclamation Mark. Fergus Full Stop. Henrietta Hyphen-Hyphen and Quentin Question Mark ? whose characters are defined by the punctuation mark they are named after. Fergus Full Stop is decisive and dedicated to bringing things to a halt. Quentin Question Mark is nosy and always asking questions. and Ethel Exclamation Mark is very excitable!

Written specifically for children aged seven and over, The Puncs are a series of colourful storybooks featuring amusing stories and lively, cartoon-like illustrations.

Puncs Book Pack

(Includes one copy of each book in the series) ?49.99


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