RMS Titanic

Ship-in-Circle-New-300x300RMS Titanic, built by Harland & Wolf, a luxurious ship of dreams sank on April 14th 1912 so next year is the hundredth anniversary of RMS Titanic’s launch and its demise. However, its hull was launched in 1911 from Harland & Wolf’s shipyards in Belfast, ready for the creation of the ships superstructure and opulent interiors.

Thousands of shipbuilders worked upon the ship, many having already created the Olympic the Titanic’s sister ship.

The hull of the Titanic was 269 metres (approx 882ft) long by 28.2 metres (approx 92ft) wide, her length the equivalent of four Boeing 747s nose to tail.

Even though the sinking of the Titanic was not as great as some sea disasters, such as the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff on January 30th 1945, where 9,000 souls lost their lives, it is the story of the Titanic that has somehow worked its way into our collective consciousness.

Is this wrong? Should other tragedies at sea be as well known as that of the Titanic, or is the story of the ship of dreams becoming a comfortable fantasy rather than a real tragedy, that happened to real people?

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