Sutton Hoo is one of the most influential and important archaeological discoveries ever found in Britain.

Saxon-Funeral-Boat-300x283The Saxon King – The Story of Sutton Hoo tells two stories one of the Anglo-Saxon period, a time of feuding overlords, warriors and kings which ends mysteriously 1,400 years ago while the other takes us to the eve of the Second World War and Mrs Edith Pretty the discovery of a treasure as valuable and important as any found in Egypt’s famous ‘Valley of the Kings’.

The story’s 20th century incarnation begins with Mrs Edith Pretty, an amateur archaeologist, who had visited excavations in the Nile valley. Her husband had died in 1934 and soon after this she became involved with spiritualism. She owned some land in Suffolk consisting of several unremarkable fields, some of which included strange shapes and grassy mounds, reported to be ancient burial chambers.

One clear, summer evening in 1939 Mrs Edith Pretty and her friend Mr Vincent Redstone, allegedly witnessed the Sutton Hoo Burial Ship above the hummocks and mounds near Edith’s house. Soon after this Mrs Edith Pretty began excavations herself, assisted by archaeologists Basil Brown and Charles Phillips. They succeeded where, through the centuries, many grave robbers had failed and found the remarkable Anglo-Saxon treasure of Sutton Hoo.

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