The Origins of Democracy

Athens-24In Ancient Greece democracy they had a simple way to get rid of The Speaker. They elected a different one for each day they were sitting!

Athens – The Birth of Democracy is a primary school musical showing the growth of democracy 2,500 years ago as part of the History of Athens, and the novel way that they dealt with corrupt politicians.

They placed an urn outside the Coliseum and once an agreed number of names were in the urn, that person was banished from Greece for 10 years, there was no appeal. It was called “Ostracism”, a word we still have today.

The author, Tony Dalton, wrote this musical so children could understand the history of democracy, how it came about and how they dealt with politicians abusing the system. His hope is that performing this show will stimulate class discussions about democracy and why it is important for everybody to vote. He feels that even with all its faults our democracy is an improvement on the original, as then only the few true citizen’s of Athens were allowed to vote, ones that were free, second generation Athenians, over 30 years old and male!

The discussion question has to be, is our version of democracy better? We would like to hear your children’s views.

To hear two songs and read two pages of script please go to

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