1066- Who should be King?

Norman-Horseman-233x300At the start of 1066, King Edward the Confessor ruled England. Edward was the son of King Ethelred II during whose reign England was subjected to continued attack from Danish Vikings. The young Edward was therefore sent to his cousin, William Duke of Normandy, and the Norman court in order to be safe from the attacks.

Harold of Wessex was the most powerful earl at the time as his sister, Edith, was married to Edward the Confessor. On Edward’s death he became king and then his troubles began. Unfortunately, William Duke of Normandy, his cousin, had been promised the English throne by Edward the Confessor, so he wasn’t very happy when Harold became king. At the same time Harold’s brother, Tostig, joined with King Hadrada who felt he should be the new king as he was related to King Canute, England‘s king from 1016 -1032.

The result was that both of them invaded at the same time. Hadrada from the north and William from the south. This meant that Harold had to fight two major battles, one at Stamford Bridge, which he won, and then he had to march 250 miles south to meet William at Hastings.

Was it any wonder that he lost!


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