In the Battle of Britain the Luftwaffe outnumbered the R.A.F. three to one and we still won, how?

Battle-Blog-300x295In the summer of 1940, which by the way was a nice hot one, Hitler was working on his plans to invade England, which he knew couldn’t happen until his air force had control of the skies. Hermann Göring, Chief of the Luftwaffe, (the German Air Force), pledged that Britain’s Royal Air Force would be banished for ever. He was confident because his pilots had experienced combat in both the Spanish Civil War and the more recent Battle of France, during which the R.A.F. lost nearly half its planes and pilots, with the result that the Luftwaffe now outnumbered the R.A.F. three to one.

It appeared an unfair battle, but this didn’t take into account the bravery of The Few. Our young pilots who, in their Spitfires and Hurricanes, stood between Hitler and invasion and won.

Their story is one every child should learn, and in our musical The Battle of Britain, the children actually build a Spitfire during a song on the stage.


To hear two songs and read two pages of script please go to

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