Olympic History – Ancient Olympics

Olympics-Pic-jLondon 2012 is going to dominate our lives next year, but how many children know the history of the Olympic Games and that they originated at Olympia in Greece. To help them we have a show The Ancient Olympics – The Legend of Callipateira so that children can understand why Olympics came about and why eventually we get to London 2012

The facts are that the Olympics were first and foremost a religious event in celebration of the Ancient Greek gods, in particular Zeus. There were other major Greek festivals such as the Pythian, the Nemean and the Isthmain, but by 572 BC the Olympics had become the most important even though athletic games were an important part of many Greek festivals.

Another interesting, and not well known fact, is that only men, boys and unmarried girls were allowed to attend the Games. Married women were not allowed to attend and faced severe punishment if they were caught. The male athletes competed nude, but this was not the reason why women were banned. It was because Olympia was a sacred area dedicated to Zeus and so was sacred for men.

The Ancient Olympics – The Legend of Callipateira is about a woman called Callipateira who disguised herself as a gymnastic trainer and was caught was caught at the men’s Olympics. However she was allowed to go unpunished because her father, her brothers and her son had all been victorious at Olympia. However, a law was passed which compelled all trainers to strip before entering the arena!

This is a show that we feel every child should either perform of see before London 2012, even though in The Ancient Olympics – The Legend of Callipateira no one is naked!

To hear two songs and read two pages of script please go to http://educationalmusicals.com/the-ancient-olympics-main-show/

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