The North American Indians

Dream-WebDid you know that Spanish explorers brought horses to North America in the 1600s, and that the Native American Indians quickly began to realise their usefulness in hunting buffalo, with the result that the buffalo population dropped from around 50 million buffalo to only 550 animals 300 years later.

Warfare was a way of life for the Native American Indians. Conflicts lasted for years and surprisingly were not usually about land. To show bravery, warriors would attempt to touch an enemy in battle with a coup stick rather than kill, although many braves still died

The spirit world was very important to the North American Indians. Ceremonies, spirit communication and special dances were all celebrated to appease the spirit world.

The musical The Dream Catchers – The Plains Indians of North America has been written about these times, with these themes. It is about a young Indian young Sioux squaw, Spring Rain, who saves her tribe from destruction. She has a vision showing her that her people will be wiped out if they let pride draw them into war. She tries unsuccessfully to persuade the young braves that courage is something greater than fighting.

The tribe’s Shaman, the cantankerous Dead Crow, feels threatened by Spring Rain’s spiritual visions and tries to persuade Red Hawk, the tribe’s chief, to have her exiled. Eventually an unarmed Spring Rain, alone, confronts one of the deadliest creatures of the plains showing them the meaning of true bravery.


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