The Three Musketeers – The Queen’s Diamonds

3-Musketeers-+-CDWe decided that the year end of term musical should be both historic and educational, so we commission a musical about the swashbuckling adventures of d’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers, while at the same time giving a window on life in early 17th Century France.

The Three Musketeers is one of those classic stories that brings to life the intriguing and romantic court of Louis XIII, and it a musical with a difference, as the baddie is female, the sinister Lady de Winter.

It is based around true characters such as Cardinal Richelieu, who constantly fought with the Queen, the Duke of Buckingham (King Charles 1st of England’s first minister) and, of course, King Louis XIII himself.

But, did you know that there was actually a real d’Artagnan, about 20 years later, well, in fact there were two! One became the Captain of the Musketeers and the other, his cousin, a Marshal of France.

The three musketeers are also based on real people, as in Musketeer d’Artagnan’s diary he tells us how on his first visit to M. de Treville, the Captain of the Musketeers, he met three young musketeers in the anti-room called Athos, Porthos and Aramis.

This is a great year end show and if you have performed it we would like to know your thoughts on how we could improve it.

To hear two songs and read two pages of script please go to

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