Theseus used a ball of string to get out of the maze!

Theseus-Minatour2-274x300In ancient times King Minos ruled Crete from a splendid palace built above a maze of passages and walls, where lived a monster called The Minotaur. King Minos was a powerful king and unfortunately his son who was killed at a sporting event in Athens. When King Minos heard he was furious, blamed all Athenians, and sent his ships to punish Athens. King Aegeus of Athens persuaded King Minos to stop, but there was one condition. Every ninth year the Athenians had to send him seven boys and seven girls to be fed alive to The Minotaur.

King Aegeus’ son, Theseus, decided he would stop the awful sacrifice and set sail to kill the terrible creature. Theseus told his father that if he killed The Minotaur, he would change his ship’s sail from black to white on his return to show he had killed the monster.

As soon as he landed on Crete, King Minos had Theseus thrown into the maze. But unknown to King Minos, his daughter, Ariadne, had instantly fallen in love with Theseus, and she had given him a ball of string to unravel as he entered the maze. She also gave him a sword that she had hidden. Theseus met and slew The Minotaur. Theseus escaped taking Ariadne with him. On their return journey, a strong wind blew them towards an island. On landing, Theseus and his crew feasted and danced, celebrating their escape from Crete and in the morning they sailed away leaving Ariadne behind!

Theseus then forgot to change the sail he returned home. On seeing his son’s ship returning with a black sail, his father threw himself to his death, from a high rock. A sad Theseus was then crowned king.

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