Was Leif the Lucky called Lucky because he found America?

Lucky-Viking-300x275Leif the Lucky, the Viking son of the famous Eirik the Red, was living in Greenland and discovered North America around the year 1001. He had heard of an unknown land from a merchant whose ship had been blown off course during a storm. Leif and his crew set out to find this unknown island, which today we know as Newfoundland.

They found it, an inhospitable place with nasty inhabitants, which they called Vinland. Leif and his crew spent the winter in Vinland (Vineland), which they had named after the wild grapes found growing there. We know this because a site of Norse origin has been excavated at L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland.

After the winter the Norse-men later came back to Vinland in an attempt to found a new colony. However, relations with the local North American Indians (known as Skraelings) worsened, so, overstretched and with the threatened of being cut off by bad weather, the Vikings eventually packed up and returned home. They felt as a country it would come to nothing, they never realised they had discovered North America, a vast land mass with great wealth.

Maybe that is why he was called Leif the Lucky!

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