We help children enjoy learning whilst improving their achievement in literacy

 With our History Musicals aimed at the KS2 Curriculum

As you are busy – our mission is to save you time


Our musicals cover five sections of the Curriculum in one go:

Literacy – History – Music – Art and Design –Drama

Main Shows

Each show main is delivered with everything you need to put on the show,

to make the props, costumes and scenery, even helpful stage directions.

Backing and performance CD with 12 original songs

Lyric and lines CD to save you copying the script and song lyrics.

Assembly Shows

A unique and effective way to teach children their history in

a fun and exciting way within a 10 minute show

Download the script, libretto music score and

MP3 files of the backing and rehearsal tracks.

To which must be added the enormous benefits your children will get from being on stage, where by default they develop skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives:

Team work

Music and Drama are the two best ways to help your children learn and develop without the realising it.