What do you know of The Christmas Miracle of 1914

What do you know of

The Christmas Miracle of 1914

As Christmas Eve 1914 drew nearer, there was a strangeness in the air.

The shooting stopped and good-natured bantering started across the lines, so much so that the Generals on both sides issued orders forbidding fraternisation. This was completely ignored as songs and Christmas carols began drifting up from the trenches from both sides.

Gradually in the failing light, silhouettes could be made out. Men from both sides were abandoning their posts and meeting their enemies face to face. Sweets and cigarettes were shared, and this continued into the early hours.

It was an incredible moment in an horrific war that has never happened before or since and is the basis for our musical Happy Christmas Tommy – The Christmas Miracle of 1914. It tells a story your children should know through dialogue, with no speech being more than five lines, and twelve original songs, that you children will walk round the school singing.

To hear two of the songs and read two pages of script please go to https://educationalmusicals.co.uk/product/happy-christmas-tommy-super-performance-pack/

Each Performance Pack comes with a one year performance/video licence and FREE DELIVERY!!

Enjoy the show, history matters.

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