Who under the cover of darkness threw three bags of gold down a chimney and started a Christmas legend?

St-Nicholas-Insert-Colour5-300x277Saint Nicholas, the Christian Bishop of Myra. Legends tell of his love of children, his kindness, his generosity and the miracles he brought about. However, it is for one story in particular he is remembered, the one that gives us the Christmas stockings tradition

The legend concerns Saint Nicholas saving the virtue of three sisters who were about to be sold into slavery, since their poverty stricken father could not offer the dowry necessary for their marriages. Under the cover of darkness Saint Nicholas threw three bags of gold through down their chimney on three nights, they landed in stockings hung near the fire to dry by the three girls. On the last night, the girl’s father was on watch to catch their anonymous benefactor. When confronted, Saint Nicholas begged the father not to reveal his charitable act.

A Christmas tradition was born.

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